The hold up

Well today has certainly started off better than the last few days. Let’s pray it continues that way!

Yesterday we were both quite frustrated and not in the best of moods but at some point instead of wanting to cry, I just started laughing. Things could always be worse. May as well find some humor during the rough times, because odds are that there will be more, there will be worse and personal outlook changes a lot!( I say this now, check back during the next calamity 😂 ).

It rained and stormed last night. More rain is headed our way. It’s hard to get stuff done. We are able to work in the rain of course, but the mud hinders being able to accomplish what is needed! I know there are others hurting far worse than we can even imagine. For us, this is our hobby, not our livelihood and we pray for those greatly effected by all this continuing rain. Though at this point, our fence is a priority. However as I have mentioned, setting posts in slop just does not work. We are kind of stuck right now.

I got the critters taken care of, laundry and some cleaning done. Then, the migraine hit me! Game over!

… that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩