Short and sweet! We have had a lot going on! Been super busy! I will update as soon as I am able on our excitement and craziness! 😜


Randomness! Food, garden, critters

We have once again had several busy, busy days. However, we have gotten pretty good about Sunday’s being for rest, other than the must do tasks. It has been very nice and I think we both look forward to it.

We are starting to get cucumbers from our garden! Funny, neither of us like cucumbers until they become pickles and we’ve yet to make any this year, so far anyways. My Mom however loves them so she was thrilled to get them yesterday! The tomato plants are absolutely loaded….now if they would just start turning we’d be in tomato heaven! When they do, we’ll be overloaded!

This gal keeps paying random visits! I think she’s plotting a garden attack! She doesn’t much mind our presence. ❤

Though none of it came from our garden, this was the beautiful meal we had yesterday. It was so good. Love the fresh meals of Summer! Simple, yet so tasty.

The young chickens are enjoying their 1st taste of Summer’s goodness. They fully approve. 😊

Let’s talk about the bunny cottage! Piper and Annie have plenty of room to move about, unlike the typical rabbit hutch, which I am not a fan of. We had done traditional hutches in the past and I personally will never go back to them. (If anything, we have an interest in doing a rabbit colony). I purchased a used kiddie playhouse cheap, cleaned it up, done some painting and we added mesh over the windows and framed up the bottom to be appropriate for keeping rabbits. There’s small shelf areas so they can utilize the upper space also. We also have plexiglass cut to cover some of the window openings during very cold weather. During the Summer heat, I keep frozen water bottles to put out with them to lay next to so they can cool off. Heat is very rough on domesticated rabbits, so they appreciate it I’m sure. Piper and Annie are pets only at this point. We have tried meat rabbits before and at some point, we might get a buck and do it again. But for now, just pets. 🐰❤🐰

The mobil chicken coop! Built completely out of scrap, the best kind of projects! The top contains roosts and nest boxes, a hatch to allow them access to below, which is where we keep their feed and water, which keeps the upstairs quarters much cleaner and dry! The waterer and feeder are hanging underneath, which has greatly reduced mess in the feed and dirty water to near nothing! WIN! They spend most all their time down below, several even choose to roost there for the night, while a couple prefer the above. Once they are completely full grown, they will be able to free range and only use the coop for nighttime safety. We use the tractor to move the coop to fresh grass each day, little lawn mowing fertilizers! 😊 We will utilize that capability in the garden through Fall and Winter, as well as free ranging time. We have kept chickens several different ways over the years and I will say, this has been the absolute best and most efficient.

A little decor 😂 and fresh herbs hanging for a fresh smell.

We had some business to take care of, or try to at least get some info on taking care of, so we headed to town. While out, we went to the library! I absolutely love library trips! It seems such a magical place, loaded with fun and knowledge to be loaned out for free! It is a forgotten place to many, but we love it and utilize it. We also got 6 DVD, which is great because our 4 antenna channels, with one being weather, does get a bit boring at times!!!!

I am going to learn the art of crocheting one way or another! I have the “Bible” on it now, if that don’t work well…..😏 but I still have hope….a little anyways!

After arriving home and having some dinner, we went out to begin weeding our big garden that is beginning to look more like a forest. We worked for what seemed like forever and hardly made a dent! We were working solely by hand and a stirrup hoe (absolutely awesome tool) because the tiller would not start. We will be making some garden changes soon and many before before next year to be so much more efficient! I went ahead and pulled the onions, not prime time but onions nonetheless! We will hopefully be having our neighbor till over that area of the garden as well as the bean section once we pick, likely this weekend. Then we will replant!

Stirrup hoe! Great tool. We have very rocky soil and it still works pretty well, though much better in the raised bed.
It’s been a good day when you finish with dirty hands 😂

…and that is your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

OH! One more thing! Some tomatoes are starting to ripen! That was an exciting sight! 🍅🍅🍅

Snack size! 😊

Moving on…

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything new. We have had a lot of curveballs since I last published anything and I must admit, it had all kind of dragged me down, both of us honestly. I just hadn’t felt at all like my usual self. Well, I AM BACK! What is, just is. What will be, will be! So carrying on!

What’s been happening and what’s new around our little slice of Heaven….

We have been busy! We have had some days, actually filled with hot weather….and sunshine!!! 🌞 What?! YES, sunshine! It has still rained a good bit, it’s raining now, but we’ll take what we can get!

A beautiful sunset

The chickens are growing. We move the coop to fresh grass each day and will continue this until they are full grown and ready to free range! The time is getting closer quickly.


The gardens have taken off! The tomatoes are growing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up getting them tied up! The plants are strong and beautiful, loaded with blooms and green tomatoes slowly beginning to ripen. Very exciting! 🍅🍅🍅

Not from our garden just yet, but an amazing dinner nonetheless! Simple Summer goodness ❤️

The cows are doing well. The calves are growing quickly, strong and healthy. These were our first calves and the fact they are strong, healthy and doing wonderful since day one is absolutely beautiful to us. Many local, very experienced farmers in our area were losing calves like crazy this year. Not the normal for them. So we were quite anxious and couldn’t be happier. There’s just a special aspect that having cows brings to a farm, I think. Yes, they can be a pain and a lot of work but those big old eyes speak to my heart and I have fallen in love.

They were all ready for pictures ❤️🐄

We have several kittens currently. They are absolutely adorable and so entertaining to watch. The little fluff balls have stolen our shoes and wreak havoc to anything left on the porch. For example, my basket filled with clothespins, it had a kitten in this morning and my clothespins were scattered all over the porch! There are two that I think we will be bringing in the house to keep. They are so cute and very sweet.

1 of the possible keepers! Those curled ears 😍

Let’s talk about snakes…ughhh! We have had 8 so far this year! Two being copperheads!!! Neither of us are fans of the slithering type whatsoever! However, last week and of course after dark, we find an already dead snake in the driveway! It was blue! I have never seen a blue snake and not many others around here have either apparently. We believe it was an Eastern blue racer?! It was quite thin but very long. If anyone thinks different, please share! It was pretty, in a creepy way!

There’s been a lot more, menial work, nothing notable. We have been helping others, others have been helping us. It’s such a blessing to have people you can truly rely upon. ❤️

It has been a long few weeks, a long day and it’s bedtime so….

that’s your chicken poo daily 🐔💩

Friday & sunshine

Friday has arrived and as an added bonus, the sun is actually shining and just a very slim chance of rain today! 🌞

I didn’t blog yesterday, was a kind of hectic day. I also took my Mom out to the Dr. I love that women so much ❤ We got a small start on some fence yesterday evening that needs moved. Going to work on getting that finished up this evening.

It’s been a long, rough week. Many unexpected things have popped up, it seems one right after the next. Trying to keep a good perspective though it does get to be difficult at times. So hopefully getting out in the sunshine and getting some things needing done accomplished will make us both feel good! I must admit, there are times right now that I think, what’s the point? But pushing on, doing what needs done.

This is from last Friday, I just forgot to publish it. 😂 oops.

The mud life

The highlights of the day….

My boots got stuck twice going with babe to take care of the cows! I mean STUCK! Just walking to the barns and getting in is a workout alone. So over this mud! Can’t wait for it to dry up so we can tear everything out, work on the landscape and start fresh. That will be an exciting time! To get things in an efficient order will make everything so much simpler!

Made babe some fresh, homemade bread today! ❤️

Worked on another project I have in the beginning stages. I am so very excited about it. 🙃

I literally just at this moment had a bug fly up my nose! 🤧😂

Not much else that’s noteworthy for the day! When we get a dry day or two, stuff will start happening again! Ready!

That’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

Just a rainy Tuesday

On this day last year! It was SO HOT! The heat index was 110! My words for this picture on my Facebook was, ” thank you God for this day and thank you that it’s over “!!! 🚜

This is just the upper field where we mow hay. This was a part of what was once my Great Aunt & Uncle’s large dairy farm, long ago. It feels a little like going home. ❤️

I am recovering from yesterday’s migraine, which lasted all night. The day after “headache hangover” makes for a slow, blah day.

It rained today, nothing new. This evening we relaxed and visited with an old neighbor who stopped by.

Nothing too exciting but, that’s your chicken poo daily. 🐔💩

The hold up

Well today has certainly started off better than the last few days. Let’s pray it continues that way!

Yesterday we were both quite frustrated and not in the best of moods but at some point instead of wanting to cry, I just started laughing. Things could always be worse. May as well find some humor during the rough times, because odds are that there will be more, there will be worse and personal outlook changes a lot!( I say this now, check back during the next calamity 😂 ).

It rained and stormed last night. More rain is headed our way. It’s hard to get stuff done. We are able to work in the rain of course, but the mud hinders being able to accomplish what is needed! I know there are others hurting far worse than we can even imagine. For us, this is our hobby, not our livelihood and we pray for those greatly effected by all this continuing rain. Though at this point, our fence is a priority. However as I have mentioned, setting posts in slop just does not work. We are kind of stuck right now.

I got the critters taken care of, laundry and some cleaning done. Then, the migraine hit me! Game over!

… that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩