We Left The Farm

No, not for good, but for the day!

This morning we headed to Roanoke, WV to the Stonewall Jackson Resort for the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash!!! Words just are not enough, sooooo………😱

Deep fried Oreo’s, shark bites, fried shrimp and pulled pork fries! The smokey smell that filled the air from all of that meat was simply amazing! The park itself was beautiful and combining that beauty with that smokey, sweet smell, why yes, “Almost Heaven” ❀ If you didn’t have an appetite before you arrived, I assure you that quickly changed!

It has been a beautiful day! ❀

Stonewall Dam & Lake

Now that we are back to the farm, there’s a few things needing done. Here we were trying to get the chute in to place! Behind the chute is also another tractor trying to assist in conquering this mud pit! June and we still have this much mud in front of our barns which also happens to lead to our roads to get upon the hill! We have some drastic changes we are planning to make things much easier and efficient! Hopefully by Fall!!!

Bentley made a flying leap & ended up taking a very unanticipated “swim” in the mud/poo! Thank God he loves to play in the creek!

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