Ready to fly the coop!

This morning I opened the chicken coop door to be greeted, well bombarded by a dozen now feathered, flapping, hopping chicks that are apparently ready to see the world beyond their four walls!

I am just not sure the world is quite ready for them! Soon, very soon my little feathered future egg layers! Once they can no longer fit through the fencing under the coop, they will then be able to access it. Once grown and strong, they will be free ranging! But until then, no escapees are permitted or the cats will have a nice chicken dinner!!!

The coop made from all scrap materials! Love projects like this!

Bentley is still outside! He refused to come back in this morning! He only pulls this stunt with me! I am so grateful…..complete sarcasm! 😏 Yeti is right beside of me, helping me out with this blogging endeavor!

Rain is in the forcast for today, so I am going outside to join my uncooperative, antagonistic dog and get some mowing done! He is in fact a very loyal dog and will follow along with each pass of the tractor or anything else you are doing outside, even if you do not want him to! So, annoying, yet very loyal lol! There are times I have to remind myself that someday I will dearly miss him, but overall, he is a pretty good dog! Especially since he wasn’t even supposed to be ours! Yet 5 years later, here we are and here he is! Annoying but a keeper! 😉

Bentley, the outdoor assistant with a fetch obsession ❤

….and mowing did not go as planned! I thought it looked bad where I had mowed, Bentley, would not get out of my way, yet would still not come back in the house (until the thunder rolled in!) so I gave up! I have now learned that my sweetheart raised the deck when mowing the fields around our home and forgot to lower it back!!! Ahhh haaa! That explains it looking so bad! Which is good because all I was thinking was how much money we are paying for this sub compact garden tractor we just got and longing for my push mower that at least made our yard look nice! And trust me, mowing all we do with a push mower and the way it rains, the fact that I missed it at all, says a lot!!! Now it’s storming so mowing will have to wait for another dry day and the lowering of the deck! 😏

She is a major upgrade to the push mower….now that I know the problem and am yet again happy with “her”. 😂

Ran to TSC this evening. The chickens have outgrown the chick feeder and graduated to a much bigger one! They were standoffish attempting to figure out if this foreign object was friendly or a galvanized monster to fear! 😂

Is it friendly?! 😂

Went and helped a friend out, babe got some stuff ready for the hay field tomorrow and now our day is coming to an end.

That’s your chicken poo daily! ❤

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