Freedom!….maybe not!

I opened the hatch of the coop that would allow the young chickens access to walk the plank down to their very first taste of freedom and grass under their coop! What happened during this exciting time?! Not a darned thing! They were curious about the hole but not one was curious enough….yet! Will try again tomorrow!

Last night my ear hurt, never happens. Then my throat got sore and I had a big, hard, painful knot pop up in my armpit! Ugh! Today I have just felt super tired. So honestly other than the typical daily routine and the less than stellar events with the chickens today, I don’t have much. I’m just tired.

Tomorrow is a new day! I will try very hard to redeem myself!

…. that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

Cow….or giraffe?! 🐄

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