Escapee & chicken poo!

While I’m still not to the point of sharing our big news, I thought I’d do a quick update otherwise!

Our 6 month old bull calf, Romeo, is some sort of Houdini! He has been out twice in the past week and a half or so! So tomorrow the electric fence will be stretched as far as the remaining roll will get us! Haven’t yet discovered his escape route! Good thing is, he hasn’t gone far and we’d like to keep it that way!

My blog title, Chicken Poop On The Porch, is no longer simply a name! The chickens thoroughly enjoy our porch for some unknown reason and well……there is truly chicken poop on our porch! (The name came from previous experience in raising chickens and here we are yet again with their gloppy little gifts that we’d rather not receive! 😂). Missed having chickens so much and while it’s not especially pleasing, you know the poop on the porch part, I am absolutely loving them once again! They are not yet laying eggs, getting antsy waiting on fresh eggs!

We had some large 1000 pound slabs of concrete left over from where we reworked our bridge across the creek into just a drive through creek crossing! ( The bridge was dangerous in the Winter! ) Those slabs got moved to an out of sight and out of the way area yesterday. Babe used the forks on the tractor to move each one, no biggie! Underneath those slabs was about 8 baby black snakes and inside one was a copperhead!!! 😱🐍 ( The concrete has hollow tunnels that run the length of each slab, they had previously been the 2nd story gym floor in a church! Just in case you were wondering how a snake was INSIDE the concrete lol!!! ) Needless to say that area is now cleaned up and the snakes have since moved on! Thank God!

We plowed the garden over and are done for the season. We had/have been very busy and honestly it got neglected and was not as productive as it could of been, more time and care allowing. Next year we plan to do things differently and to also have more time to spend keeping up with it.

Life has been very busy, rushed and chaotic for a while! We are finally winding down a bit and both of us are so grateful for that. Sometimes life throws ya a curve ball and you gotta do stuff you didn’t see coming, big stuff! We make such a great team, babe and I, and we have worked very hard taking care of the unforseen! I am proud of us and will be ever so grateful once all is completely done with and I know he will be too! 🙏🙌

#teamwork #strongtogether

That’s your chicken poo daily….for now! 🐔💩

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