…and we are off…finallyyyyy!

Here is your chicken poo daily…..

Let me start by saying this! Setting up a blog from a phone is no fun, at all!

With that being said, it has taken up the past few hours! 😱 Yeah, I know right! But here we are, eager and ready to get started except I don’t have much else to tell you about today now!

I took care of all the critters this morning, all are doing well! The chicks are getting closer to being turned out to the enclosure under their coop! Just a little more growing to do to make sure they can’t escape and become kitty food….our cats are vicious! 1 of the cows came down and graced me with her presence briefly! The bunnies were excited for their morning ritual carrot! Bentley is outside, refusing yet again to come back in! I don’t blame him, I want to go out too. Yeti is snuggled up by my leg, he’s been a great help getting this page going lol! Moral support! As at 1 point, I was completely ready to just throw my phone! The cats and babies are good. Cute, running about playing. I had dessert for lunch! I was frustrated and busy with this!

I need to go be productive now, I suppose! But the page is here, it’s ready, I’m ready and we’ll see what happens from here. ❤

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