…and it finally fell

Shortly after 5 a.m. I get this, “wake up THE tree fell”!!!! Me, in a half asleep voice, ” THE sycamore “?! Babe, ” YES “! I am up now!!! THE sycamore is one by our driveway, actually 1 of 2 that sat at the end of the driveway, on either side. The one had rotted all around the base and several feet up many years ago! There was nothing safe to cut into! This tree was hollow and had nothing but a bark wall almost around the entire base! Year after year we have wondered how she remained standing! Severe storms and even a derecho, it remained! This year though, we had gotten cable which would be put through the top forks and pulling the tree down in the most controlled way possible. There is a road within a few feet, our home, our power pole and transformer plus all the newest fence line we’d added!!!! A lot could go wrong. Very wrong! Well mother nature, rain, has kept the pulling of the tree from occurring. Far too wet for traction. However in the end, mother nature, high winds last night, took care of it anyways!

Our fence is in there & the guide wire!
We got very lucky! Thank you God!

The guide wire for the pole is in that mess and our fence! It didn’t hit any fence posts or break the fence but it definitely required some mending which we done this evening along with tree clean up. My brother in law got wood for his outdoor burner, my sister brought dinner over, our neighbor & two sons showed up and a friend from the down the road stopped by. We are blessed, truly! ❤️

This is all that’s left! Will finish clean up soon. It has been a long day all around and otherwise. We are both exhausted and ready for bed!

Bird nest from tree
It was just pretty!

that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

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