Today started off with a trip to the landfill. A truckload of junk gone. It may leave here but it’s never truly gone. I feel remorse after a landfill trip. We do our best to reuse and recycle items but some stuff is beyond doing anything with. We do our best, we will try to do better though.

We picked up a load of stuff from my Mom and added it to the vehicle along with stuff I had boxed up (more minimizing). We will be delivering it all to my aunt tomorrow, she will add it to her yard sales or give to someone in need. No guilt there! Win, win for everyone.

We worked in the garden. Tilling, tying up tomato plants, pruning and so on! It’s doing pretty well considering everything was put out late due to rain, rain and more rain.

Speaking of rain!!!! Over the next few days, our area has the *potential to see up to 6″ of rain! 😱 Like we haven’t had enough already. It is mid June and in front our barns is awful and not from cows as they don’t access the part I’m speaking of! Babe used the blade today to scrape away some slop and hopefully get things to drain better but other places there’s no helping until it just does get dried up!

We have a creek behind our house and a bigger one in front. 6″ of rain is a scary thought, to me anyways!

Picture does no justice. Get up in there and lose your boots, I promise and I know lol

... that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

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