Cows on an adventure….

I was awakened by babe, ” #!@& I GOTTA GO! GOT A COW IN THE ROAD”!!! The words you never want to hear! There they are to greet you first thing in the morning! I’M AWAKE AND HE’S ALREADY OFF & HEADING DOWN THE ROAD!

When I say road, I mean a 2 lane, paved and lined 55 MPH road that runs in front of our farm, where people find the need to go more like 70 MPH! All I can say is, what has happened to the good old country folks that used to be? You saw a problem, you stopped to help, you at the very least slowed down if nothing else! Nope, not anyone who passed this morning! No stranger knocking on the door prior pointing out that, hey I think your cows are out! I am left speechless each day by self absorbed, in too big of a hurry to get nowhere people! But anyways….

It was not one cow, it was three! Luckily they will follow anywhere as long as grain is involved! Babe walked them all right back through the gate at the barn! It happens, right? This is exactly why we have farm liability insurance. Though I assure you It does not make it any less of an anxiety ridden calamity! Not to me anyways! ( we are not a farm business, it is strictly hobby and for personal use. However, we previously named our farm just that, Calamity Creek Farm! I just knew it would be fitting)

Once the cows were back in, it immediately started to absolutely downpour, thunder & lightening included! Remember I had previously mentioned the *potential for up to 6″ of rain over the next few days? Well there was the beginning taste of the rain to come! But now it’s time to find the security breech in the fence!

Up until early last Winter, we had only one cow. Coal. Her momma didn’t produce milk, she had a very rough start at life and was always alone, not accepted by the herd. She was given to us, the farmer didn’t expect her to make it! With lots of love and 3 years later, she’s still with us and doing great. Though her size is only half that of an average angus. So, we have an oversized pet of a cow. Anyways, first of last Winter, we brought a few more home and two of those had calves over the Winter.

We had expanded our fence that had worked for one cow, to include about 20 acres total. All fencing near the road has electric. Stout electric. However some of our initial fence up the holler, you know we definitely improved on those fence skills the 2nd go round, but that initial fence has been mended on the fly several times! We planned to get it completely redone, fresh, new and also with electric! The breech just occurred before we got there. Today just speeds up our plans a bit! But this rainy weather we have been having all season does not make anything easy! Haven’t even been able to put hay up yet! So setting new posts in sloppy mud that goes way down is just not happening. We need a break weatherwise and it’s not happening this week unfortunately! We will manage and MacGyver stuff to make it work. We are both pretty darned proficient at that game!

So moving on. The cows have eaten things down far more quickly than we’d have ever imagined. We have supplemented with hay and grain but now we were out of last years hay! So the mad dash for a big round bale of golden goodness ensues! A 45 minute trip one way and we have the goods! Now back to the farm we go! Problem!!! Our big 70 HP John Deere is at the other farm in waiting for the call that hay day has finally arrived! I have talked about the mud, even posted some pictures but until you are here in it, trying to work in it, or you yourself live this life, no justice can be done. So our Farm Truck was the only option! She’s a beater of a truck! Lucked into her and gave $350 for her and drove her home! A decal on her back glass has dubbed her, ” Bargain Betty “! But anyways! Once you get the momentum finally going, you don’t let off in the mud! Well babe made it, we are only missing a mirror that got taken off by the pass of the livestock chute! I call it a small price to pay and a win!




I could go on and on about the events of today but honestly, we are once again exhausted. So I will end with this and find it so true….

When asked about farming, ” living a nightmare, chasing a dream “, unknown.

…that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

Bargain Betty
Oh and I had to eat my on the run breakfast with my fingers & a piece of babe’s muffin
He cheered me up entire for hay
A bird nest & eggs in an old coffee can in the barn

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