Labor Day

It’s another beautiful morning here on the farm, we had a little bit of rain last night, it’s cool and peaceful, the birds are chirping and a squirrel is gathering acorn nuts for the upcoming Winter. Leaves are starting to fall and some are starting to lose their lush green color. Watching the chickens scratch around the yard gives us great enjoyment. We are getting preparations in place, stuff cleaned up, and other odds and ends done before snow starts flying. My wifey doesn’t like the cold but to me it brings a season to slow down, enjoy the quiet, relax. We still have to build a fenced in area to put our large round bale feeder for the cows and build them a new shelter to stay out of the weather. Fall is ( almost ) here and that means cooler days and chilly nights. Time to get the Dutch oven out for soups and stews over the fire. Yummy. ( That’s babe’s entry ❤️ ).

Went to a nephews home this afternoon. Their horse appears to be choking, ( can breathe but not swallow ). Being Labor Day getting in contact with any equine vet to come out has been impossible. We finally left ( later returned ), praying they found someone.

They have three kids, 8, 4 and 3. I had so much fun playing with them. I miss my kids being little, now 24 & 26, it’s been a while! Their laughter and calling out my name, melts my heart! Love them! They wore me out lol! ❤️

…later….like bedtime later!

Just got home, spent a lot of time contacting people I know with horses. A friend had a med that relaxes muscles, hence the throat would relax and the blockage possibly move on out. So went and got it and went back to my nephews. Was worth a shot, considering still no vet! They will get one out in the A.M. Hopefully he makes it, we all tried the best we could do. I will update tomorrow. 🙏

It’s been a long day!

After a 10 day vacation, babe goes back to work in the morning. The 1st day is always hard, I feel lonely after so many days of having my other half around. It will seem all too quiet in the morning without him. ☹️

Goodnight! ❤️🙏

..and that’s your chicken poo daily…for now! 🐔💩

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