Joys and pains

I haven’t got any more news on the horse I mentioned yesterday. I am really hoping he can pull through. Situations like these are the harder side of farm life.

Thank God for the many joys farm life can bring, otherwise no one would be doing it.

As we were getting started out, still learning a lot, we had an awful situation that made us both question if we truly wanted to continue, yes, before we ever truly got started!

Our very first cow came from a grandparents farm. Her ( Coal ), Momma didn’t have milk, so her life started rough. Even as she grew, she was always alone. None of the herd would have anything to do with her. So she came to live here. Later we were told the grandparents didn’t think she’d make it when they gave her up! ( Lol thank you! ) Well, she did! Lots of love and care and a few years later, she’s doing great! She is smaller than average but doing great otherwise.

It came time to get her a buddy! We bought a young bull, Ace, from someone down the road. We bottle fed him, he grew, was healthy and ornery, but a good bull!

About a year after getting Ace, we went to the livestock auction and ended up getting 2 calves! They seemed healthy, ate well and were spunky! Then suddenly, they weren’t!

We had kept them separate from the others we had, it didn’t matter. One died suddenly one morning and the other the next day! From fine to dead in no time. It was heartbreaking.

I believe within a week Ace became very sick, very suddenly. With all that was done, we lost him also. That one hurt bad!

So trying to grow, we went from 1 to 2, then 2 to 4 and suddenly back to 1 again.

We lost money, it hurt emotionally and we were just beginning.

We did however carry on. This past year we brought home 3 big healthy girls from a farm. This past Winter, we had our very 1st calf and another followed in early Spring!

Now that was exciting!

Both were little bull calves and very healthy!

Romeo (born on Valentine’s Day ❤️), our 1st calf, has grown into a big boy with a good disposition.

Moonpie, the 2nd one, is a slower grower, a little shy and he was banded and will be our first homegrown beef!

There are good days, there are bad days. I’m glad we kept going and have gotten to enjoy this experience and that we have endured the bad as well. We have learned a lot!

That’s your chicken poo daily 🐔💩

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