…it finally arrived

Finally, freedom came! Not by choice!

Curious but just not going down that scary ramp!

I picked up four and put them down the hole. Waited, waited, nothing! Finally put each of the other eight down one by one!

The first 4 out
and finally, all 12.

They enjoyed themselves. Picking at grass, a little sunshine. The cats enjoyed watching! Who would have guessed that….

Then we waited and not a one went back up for the night! So I crawled underneath the coop and put each back up through the hole for the night! They will catch on! Everything is new!

Babe fixed some fence up on the hill. I fixed some down at the barn. Hopefully we will be working on completely moving a section of fencing tomorrow. Just a small start in our bigger plan.

Picked some wild flowers for the house! Wild flowers are my favorites!

I spent the morning taking my Mom to the Dr. Afterwards she wanted Shoney’s and by luck, my brother, wife & son were also there, so we had a nice surprise breakfast with them. ❤️

We got a new book, Mud Season, and have gotten a start on it. Now we both want to go to Vermont to visit! Just beginning it, will update how it is.

That’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩


Freedom!….maybe not!

I opened the hatch of the coop that would allow the young chickens access to walk the plank down to their very first taste of freedom and grass under their coop! What happened during this exciting time?! Not a darned thing! They were curious about the hole but not one was curious enough….yet! Will try again tomorrow!

Last night my ear hurt, never happens. Then my throat got sore and I had a big, hard, painful knot pop up in my armpit! Ugh! Today I have just felt super tired. So honestly other than the typical daily routine and the less than stellar events with the chickens today, I don’t have much. I’m just tired.

Tomorrow is a new day! I will try very hard to redeem myself!

…. that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

Cow….or giraffe?! 🐄

Minimalism and….worms!

Ok, right off you may be thinking, minimalism and worms, what?! I will get to what one has to do with the other, I promise!

We started on a new journey a while back, trying to live more minimalist! To us, this includes but is not limited to, letting go of STUFF!!! I don’t mean truly useful items but the stuff we accumulate as consumers that we truly do not need! Excess clutter, that not only takes up space in the home, but also clutters the mind! More minimalistic in the way we spend money is the top priority (we are a work in progress I assure you lol)!!! Is there a better way to get what we want and need without falling headfirst into consumerism?! Is there a cheaper way? The answer is yes, especially when it came to mealworms!!!

Mealworms! Squirmin chicken “gold”! 😂

Chickens love mealworms! Well at the local farm stores you can purchase a 5 lb bag of dried up, dead mealworms for $33….no thank you! So before we even got our chicks, I ordered everything we’d need online, that I didn’t already have on hand, and we became MEALWORM FARMERS!!! The best part???? For less than $20!!!!!! Guess what? Now we have an endless supply of mealworms for our flock! You do the math. So by doing the dirty work, we save a ton of money! What chicken wouldn’t rather chase a live, squirming mealworm versus a nasty, dried up one?! 🐔🐓

I will say this, we find it challenging to be more minimalistic on a farm! You know, where everything is kept for those “just in case” moments! Even if it’s broken and there’s the thought that just maybe, with enough bailing twine, duct tape or zip ties and a prayer that “it” may be useable yet again! 😂 (We have greatly improved in this area, still funny though)!

However, we have made substantial progress. Purging knick knacks, excess clothing, useless kitchen gadgets, you know, the typical household clutter! The house feels better! More inviting! Looks cleaner! For us, it’s been a good thing. (I will say, sentimental items DO NOT leave, I refuse!)

We have purged some items from the workshop but most will stay. Tools, fencing and excess farm supplies…well you just don’t downsize and go minimal there! That is simply counterproductive!

So if you have been considering going more minimalist, I will tell you, I am very happy! It makes me feel good, almost lighter! I donate everything! I do not simply throw stuff away! Someone may need it, that someone just is no longer me!

When I used to walk into a store, it was overwhelming! Stuff everywhere that I’ve been programmed by our culture to think that I need to be happy! Sadly we are often measured by what we have and not what we are! We don’t care! Today, I walk into stores and I still browse but I have realized that I already have everything I truly need! Yes, I am human, there will be an occasional purchase but you can almost bet the item is on clearance and something useful! I believe it is part of my job as a “housewife”, a “farmwife” to try to make things easier, to stretch our money out, to make sacrifices. We have not had satellite TV in years. We survive on DVD’s and 4 channels from an antenna when we do watch TV. We do not have internet service. I have a $35 per month, no contract phone and use it as a computer as well. Not convenient but cost effective!

Minimalistic, frugal, whatever you wish to call it, I am striving to do better, to be better, to want less and simply be happy….and I am! We are! ❤

Todays happenings….

I painted above the kitchen sink and shelf! Went from blah white to gravity gray! I like it. 🎨 (the large vodka bottle is for homemade things, like disinfectant spray to be clear lol)! 😂

Today was an absolutely beautiful day! Clear blue skies, a cool morning and warm day, with no rain! It was supposed to be the first day in the hay fields, but the weather is iffy starting tomorrow evening so holding off.

SOOOO BABE LOWERED THE MOWER DECK AND MOWED THE YARD THIS EVENING INSTEAD! 😂 If you read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll understand why that is capitalized and bold with a laughing face! 😂😏

Gathered some fresh homegrown produce for babes breakfast and lunch tomorrow! Except the lavender. I will be drying it to make lavender oil.

Lavender. Drying for oil.

Bentley is still pulling the not coming back in the house stunt with me! 😏 So this evening instead of his ball (which he is absolutely obsessed with), he was forced to play with bark I’d tossed into the creek, that he immediately retrieved! 😂 He hopped, jumped and ran around all proud of himself! It was cute!

This evening we have decided that tomorrow evening we will allow the chicks to access the area under their coop! They are growing so quickly, we think they are big enough to safely be under the coop and not be able to escape! So tomorrow is the day! Their first taste of some freedom! 🐔🐓

….and that’s your chicken poo daily. 🐔💩

Ready to fly the coop!

This morning I opened the chicken coop door to be greeted, well bombarded by a dozen now feathered, flapping, hopping chicks that are apparently ready to see the world beyond their four walls!

I am just not sure the world is quite ready for them! Soon, very soon my little feathered future egg layers! Once they can no longer fit through the fencing under the coop, they will then be able to access it. Once grown and strong, they will be free ranging! But until then, no escapees are permitted or the cats will have a nice chicken dinner!!!

The coop made from all scrap materials! Love projects like this!

Bentley is still outside! He refused to come back in this morning! He only pulls this stunt with me! I am so grateful…..complete sarcasm! 😏 Yeti is right beside of me, helping me out with this blogging endeavor!

Rain is in the forcast for today, so I am going outside to join my uncooperative, antagonistic dog and get some mowing done! He is in fact a very loyal dog and will follow along with each pass of the tractor or anything else you are doing outside, even if you do not want him to! So, annoying, yet very loyal lol! There are times I have to remind myself that someday I will dearly miss him, but overall, he is a pretty good dog! Especially since he wasn’t even supposed to be ours! Yet 5 years later, here we are and here he is! Annoying but a keeper! 😉

Bentley, the outdoor assistant with a fetch obsession ❤

….and mowing did not go as planned! I thought it looked bad where I had mowed, Bentley, would not get out of my way, yet would still not come back in the house (until the thunder rolled in!) so I gave up! I have now learned that my sweetheart raised the deck when mowing the fields around our home and forgot to lower it back!!! Ahhh haaa! That explains it looking so bad! Which is good because all I was thinking was how much money we are paying for this sub compact garden tractor we just got and longing for my push mower that at least made our yard look nice! And trust me, mowing all we do with a push mower and the way it rains, the fact that I missed it at all, says a lot!!! Now it’s storming so mowing will have to wait for another dry day and the lowering of the deck! 😏

She is a major upgrade to the push mower….now that I know the problem and am yet again happy with “her”. 😂

Ran to TSC this evening. The chickens have outgrown the chick feeder and graduated to a much bigger one! They were standoffish attempting to figure out if this foreign object was friendly or a galvanized monster to fear! 😂

Is it friendly?! 😂

Went and helped a friend out, babe got some stuff ready for the hay field tomorrow and now our day is coming to an end.

That’s your chicken poo daily! ❤

It’s One of those days where you realize your underwear are on inside out

You know, you wake up in a rush to unexpected events! You quickly clean up and dress yourself and realize at a later time, YOUR UNDERWEAR ARE ON INSIDE OUT! 😂 Yes, this is me today!

It is headed for noon and I’d like to say that things have calmed into a relaxing Sunday but instead, I literally just got the text, “mowing hay Tuesday”! Which means we are now moving stuff that requires the big John Deere 🚜 here at the house before taking it down to the hay fields later today. The trip one way is about 45 minutes!!! We have the pleasure of mowing hay with 1 of my nephews on the farm that was once my Great Aunt & Uncle’s large, beautiful dairy farm, long ago. I spent a lot of time there as a child and love the opportunity going back though it is no longer in the family. Wonderful memories! ❤

We also ran today to pick up the beautiful painting I won in a raffle yesterday at the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash at Stonewall! I was so thrilled to get the call that I’d won! It is absolutely beautiful work and couldn’t be more perfect! I love it! I am so grateful! 🐮

I am also filling up a big inflatable pool as I am typing this ! It will be nice after a long hot day! Well, once the water heats up that is! Well water is super cold, so we’ll wait to enjoy it once the sun works its magic! 🌞 (we tried a large 22 foot above ground pool last year! It didn’t stay the entire season lol! This is just perfect and quite manageable!)

We got the John Deere to its destination! An hour and 10 minutes! Top speed of 15 MPH, average of 13 MPH! He drove the tractor and I hung back in our vehicle with the flashers going. People are so impatient! That’s all I’ll say about that subject!

Grabbed some Taco Bell on the way home and relaxing for a bit now! I think as of today, we have decided that Sunday will be used as it is intended! A day of rest! Unless some emergency comes up! A big home cooked meal, instead of on the fly fast food and a day to visit family. ❤ Which we do a lot of both, but to have Sunday set aside will be something to look forward to.

Babe got some of the garden tilled. I watered plants and blogged a bit here and there. I kept a few heirloom tomato plants for my raised garden by the house and they are doing fantastic! I love my little bed! Going to expand it! 🌻🌱

…..and that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

We Left The Farm

No, not for good, but for the day!

This morning we headed to Roanoke, WV to the Stonewall Jackson Resort for the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash!!! Words just are not enough, sooooo………😱

Deep fried Oreo’s, shark bites, fried shrimp and pulled pork fries! The smokey smell that filled the air from all of that meat was simply amazing! The park itself was beautiful and combining that beauty with that smokey, sweet smell, why yes, “Almost Heaven” ❤ If you didn’t have an appetite before you arrived, I assure you that quickly changed!

It has been a beautiful day! ❤

Stonewall Dam & Lake

Now that we are back to the farm, there’s a few things needing done. Here we were trying to get the chute in to place! Behind the chute is also another tractor trying to assist in conquering this mud pit! June and we still have this much mud in front of our barns which also happens to lead to our roads to get upon the hill! We have some drastic changes we are planning to make things much easier and efficient! Hopefully by Fall!!!

Bentley made a flying leap & ended up taking a very unanticipated “swim” in the mud/poo! Thank God he loves to play in the creek!

This is us!

A little about us. We are from WV, born and raised. We have a small, yet growing hobby farm. We enjoy the attempt at being self sufficient, self sustaining (to a degree, though we would like to take it further!) and the simple things in life. We do not try and have zero desire to live the lifestyle of “keeping up with the Jonses”.  I stay at home, “housewife”, “farmwife”, whatever you prefer. I take care of our home, help with all outside jobs, whatever may be going on and try to save us money and stretch our $1 into $2. I believe some think it is easy and all luxury, while I am blessed and grateful for it, I assure you it’s not. He works as a fabricator full time, works full time here on our little farm, as well as also helping many others out as neesed. We are simple in our needs, our wants and we are happy with our life here on our little farm. It may not be close to perfect, but it sure is close enough for us ❤

All the critters are taken care of! It’s the same ritualistic routine each morning! I wake up and head out shortly after, they know to expect me each morning!

The chicks are getting feathers and growing quickly! We had been turning the heat lamp on only at night and off during the day. Last night we left it off for the 1st time. I think they are big enough to go without it now, unless the night temperature should take a drastic drop and well in WV, the weather does its own weird thing! So it’s not off the table as a possibility!

A dozen future egg layers! Light Brahma, Sapphire Gems & Sapphire Olive Eggers! They will be beautiful and there’s nothing like fresh eggs!

Our rabbits are just pets. Piper & Annie. We’ve bred rabbits before and I absolutely love having baby bunnies but we got out of it. I missed having rabbits so these 2 have made their home here, just as pets. They have a cute little bunny cottage to call home and we are adding a small fenced addition for some extra room for them to enjoy! (That is lime under their cottage, don’t be alarmed. Cuts down on flies and smell!)

The cows! We had our very 1st calf on February 14th, 2019. A bull calf named Romeo of course! Our 2nd calf followed on April 16th! Another bull calf, Moonpie! We got to witness the entire event, it was exciting! Moonpie was banded and will become our freezer beef.

Some of the cows below. Romeo, Moonpie, Daisey Mae & Moe.

We planned to prepare this coming Fall & Winter to get goats next Spring, we want a dairy aspect but that’s up in the air. I am not sure I want to be chasing Houdini goats all over lol! Yet I’m not sure I want my 1st milking experience to be with a massive cow, I have no experience so we better pray she does lol!

Other than that, we have several cats and 2 dogs, Bentley & Yeti.

We grow a garden. This year we should be overrun by tomatoes! Everything was put out late because of the rain here everyday or at least every other. However, all the plants are growing well and looking good! So ready for some fresh garden plunder! This year, instead of canning, we will be purchasing a commercial grade dehydrator and dehydrating our bounty for the most part anyways. Green beans and tomatoes excluded. This will be our first try doing so but it seems to be quite successful from what we’ve read and seen. So wish us luck!

My youngest child, 23, came out for a bit before heading out of town for the weekend. We fished in the creek for a bit & caught some small rock bass and a sun fish. ❤ It was nice! Praying they have a safe and fun trip. We too will be leaving town for tomorrow! So excited! More to follow on that adventure after. ❤

Soooo, my sister just dropped this off to me and I just had to share it!!! My Mom ❤, who is 81, does such beautiful work! I fell in love with this blanket she was doing and now it is mine! A beautiful keepsake! ❤🚜🐮🐔🐰

And that’s all for your chicken poo daily! Have a good night! 🌙