Friday & sunshine

Friday has arrived and as an added bonus, the sun is actually shining and just a very slim chance of rain today! 🌞

I didn’t blog yesterday, was a kind of hectic day. I also took my Mom out to the Dr. I love that women so much ❤ We got a small start on some fence yesterday evening that needs moved. Going to work on getting that finished up this evening.

It’s been a long, rough week. Many unexpected things have popped up, it seems one right after the next. Trying to keep a good perspective though it does get to be difficult at times. So hopefully getting out in the sunshine and getting some things needing done accomplished will make us both feel good! I must admit, there are times right now that I think, what’s the point? But pushing on, doing what needs done.

This is from last Friday, I just forgot to publish it. 😂 oops.

The mud life

The highlights of the day….

My boots got stuck twice going with babe to take care of the cows! I mean STUCK! Just walking to the barns and getting in is a workout alone. So over this mud! Can’t wait for it to dry up so we can tear everything out, work on the landscape and start fresh. That will be an exciting time! To get things in an efficient order will make everything so much simpler!

Made babe some fresh, homemade bread today! ❤️

Worked on another project I have in the beginning stages. I am so very excited about it. 🙃

I literally just at this moment had a bug fly up my nose! 🤧😂

Not much else that’s noteworthy for the day! When we get a dry day or two, stuff will start happening again! Ready!

That’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

Just a rainy Tuesday

On this day last year! It was SO HOT! The heat index was 110! My words for this picture on my Facebook was, ” thank you God for this day and thank you that it’s over “!!! 🚜

This is just the upper field where we mow hay. This was a part of what was once my Great Aunt & Uncle’s large dairy farm, long ago. It feels a little like going home. ❤️

I am recovering from yesterday’s migraine, which lasted all night. The day after “headache hangover” makes for a slow, blah day.

It rained today, nothing new. This evening we relaxed and visited with an old neighbor who stopped by.

Nothing too exciting but, that’s your chicken poo daily. 🐔💩

The hold up

Well today has certainly started off better than the last few days. Let’s pray it continues that way!

Yesterday we were both quite frustrated and not in the best of moods but at some point instead of wanting to cry, I just started laughing. Things could always be worse. May as well find some humor during the rough times, because odds are that there will be more, there will be worse and personal outlook changes a lot!( I say this now, check back during the next calamity 😂 ).

It rained and stormed last night. More rain is headed our way. It’s hard to get stuff done. We are able to work in the rain of course, but the mud hinders being able to accomplish what is needed! I know there are others hurting far worse than we can even imagine. For us, this is our hobby, not our livelihood and we pray for those greatly effected by all this continuing rain. Though at this point, our fence is a priority. However as I have mentioned, setting posts in slop just does not work. We are kind of stuck right now.

I got the critters taken care of, laundry and some cleaning done. Then, the migraine hit me! Game over!

… that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

Cows on an adventure….

I was awakened by babe, ” #!@& I GOTTA GO! GOT A COW IN THE ROAD”!!! The words you never want to hear! There they are to greet you first thing in the morning! I’M AWAKE AND HE’S ALREADY OFF & HEADING DOWN THE ROAD!

When I say road, I mean a 2 lane, paved and lined 55 MPH road that runs in front of our farm, where people find the need to go more like 70 MPH! All I can say is, what has happened to the good old country folks that used to be? You saw a problem, you stopped to help, you at the very least slowed down if nothing else! Nope, not anyone who passed this morning! No stranger knocking on the door prior pointing out that, hey I think your cows are out! I am left speechless each day by self absorbed, in too big of a hurry to get nowhere people! But anyways….

It was not one cow, it was three! Luckily they will follow anywhere as long as grain is involved! Babe walked them all right back through the gate at the barn! It happens, right? This is exactly why we have farm liability insurance. Though I assure you It does not make it any less of an anxiety ridden calamity! Not to me anyways! ( we are not a farm business, it is strictly hobby and for personal use. However, we previously named our farm just that, Calamity Creek Farm! I just knew it would be fitting)

Once the cows were back in, it immediately started to absolutely downpour, thunder & lightening included! Remember I had previously mentioned the *potential for up to 6″ of rain over the next few days? Well there was the beginning taste of the rain to come! But now it’s time to find the security breech in the fence!

Up until early last Winter, we had only one cow. Coal. Her momma didn’t produce milk, she had a very rough start at life and was always alone, not accepted by the herd. She was given to us, the farmer didn’t expect her to make it! With lots of love and 3 years later, she’s still with us and doing great. Though her size is only half that of an average angus. So, we have an oversized pet of a cow. Anyways, first of last Winter, we brought a few more home and two of those had calves over the Winter.

We had expanded our fence that had worked for one cow, to include about 20 acres total. All fencing near the road has electric. Stout electric. However some of our initial fence up the holler, you know we definitely improved on those fence skills the 2nd go round, but that initial fence has been mended on the fly several times! We planned to get it completely redone, fresh, new and also with electric! The breech just occurred before we got there. Today just speeds up our plans a bit! But this rainy weather we have been having all season does not make anything easy! Haven’t even been able to put hay up yet! So setting new posts in sloppy mud that goes way down is just not happening. We need a break weatherwise and it’s not happening this week unfortunately! We will manage and MacGyver stuff to make it work. We are both pretty darned proficient at that game!

So moving on. The cows have eaten things down far more quickly than we’d have ever imagined. We have supplemented with hay and grain but now we were out of last years hay! So the mad dash for a big round bale of golden goodness ensues! A 45 minute trip one way and we have the goods! Now back to the farm we go! Problem!!! Our big 70 HP John Deere is at the other farm in waiting for the call that hay day has finally arrived! I have talked about the mud, even posted some pictures but until you are here in it, trying to work in it, or you yourself live this life, no justice can be done. So our Farm Truck was the only option! She’s a beater of a truck! Lucked into her and gave $350 for her and drove her home! A decal on her back glass has dubbed her, ” Bargain Betty “! But anyways! Once you get the momentum finally going, you don’t let off in the mud! Well babe made it, we are only missing a mirror that got taken off by the pass of the livestock chute! I call it a small price to pay and a win!




I could go on and on about the events of today but honestly, we are once again exhausted. So I will end with this and find it so true….

When asked about farming, ” living a nightmare, chasing a dream “, unknown.

…that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

Bargain Betty
Oh and I had to eat my on the run breakfast with my fingers & a piece of babe’s muffin
He cheered me up entire for hay
A bird nest & eggs in an old coffee can in the barn


Today started off with a trip to the landfill. A truckload of junk gone. It may leave here but it’s never truly gone. I feel remorse after a landfill trip. We do our best to reuse and recycle items but some stuff is beyond doing anything with. We do our best, we will try to do better though.

We picked up a load of stuff from my Mom and added it to the vehicle along with stuff I had boxed up (more minimizing). We will be delivering it all to my aunt tomorrow, she will add it to her yard sales or give to someone in need. No guilt there! Win, win for everyone.

We worked in the garden. Tilling, tying up tomato plants, pruning and so on! It’s doing pretty well considering everything was put out late due to rain, rain and more rain.

Speaking of rain!!!! Over the next few days, our area has the *potential to see up to 6″ of rain! 😱 Like we haven’t had enough already. It is mid June and in front our barns is awful and not from cows as they don’t access the part I’m speaking of! Babe used the blade today to scrape away some slop and hopefully get things to drain better but other places there’s no helping until it just does get dried up!

We have a creek behind our house and a bigger one in front. 6″ of rain is a scary thought, to me anyways!

Picture does no justice. Get up in there and lose your boots, I promise and I know lol

... that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩

…and it finally fell

Shortly after 5 a.m. I get this, “wake up THE tree fell”!!!! Me, in a half asleep voice, ” THE sycamore “?! Babe, ” YES “! I am up now!!! THE sycamore is one by our driveway, actually 1 of 2 that sat at the end of the driveway, on either side. The one had rotted all around the base and several feet up many years ago! There was nothing safe to cut into! This tree was hollow and had nothing but a bark wall almost around the entire base! Year after year we have wondered how she remained standing! Severe storms and even a derecho, it remained! This year though, we had gotten cable which would be put through the top forks and pulling the tree down in the most controlled way possible. There is a road within a few feet, our home, our power pole and transformer plus all the newest fence line we’d added!!!! A lot could go wrong. Very wrong! Well mother nature, rain, has kept the pulling of the tree from occurring. Far too wet for traction. However in the end, mother nature, high winds last night, took care of it anyways!

Our fence is in there & the guide wire!
We got very lucky! Thank you God!

The guide wire for the pole is in that mess and our fence! It didn’t hit any fence posts or break the fence but it definitely required some mending which we done this evening along with tree clean up. My brother in law got wood for his outdoor burner, my sister brought dinner over, our neighbor & two sons showed up and a friend from the down the road stopped by. We are blessed, truly! ❤️

This is all that’s left! Will finish clean up soon. It has been a long day all around and otherwise. We are both exhausted and ready for bed!

Bird nest from tree
It was just pretty!

that’s your chicken poo daily! 🐔💩